The Red Room Campaign

 The Red Room Campaign set to Foster Strategic Collaborations with industry leaders, front liners, influencers, and world figures by convening heads of states, leading hospitality industry think-tanks to address the current industry climate, analyzeoptions, and inspire to strengthen the businesses, industries, and economies across all fronts and the world.

The auspicious colour red signifies Hospitality Asia’s movement to bring in hotel room traffic that ultimately is the very core of the hospitality business, supplying in-depth knowledge takeaway in the realm of exploring investment opportunities, operational imperatives, hotel concepts, development, design, direct booking strategies, distribution, revenue management, hotel technology solutions and the rest of the industry trends. 

The Red Room Campaign is the yin and the yang of the Hospitality in Asia. Parallel to the influx of hotel guests and lack thereof, vacancy & scarcity of room supply, traditional hotel marketing & mainstream hotel marketing and more. Establishing scenarios that are complete opposites but concurrent in the climate of a hotel business. 

In the yin and yang concept, Hospitality Asia’s quest is to drive a movement in engaging opposite ends into a unified cause, a cause of identifying the problem and providing the necessary solution resulting to a customer base that positions you on top of the game and ahead of it. That is the mission of Hospitality Asia’s the Red Room Campaign. 

The Attendees

  •  200-350 participants  for each of the event
  • Top Tier Companies
  • Diversified audience comprising of investors, developers, hotel operators, designers, consultants, technology providers and suppliers/vendors
  • C-level participants who actively advocate in the advancement of the Hospitality Industry
  • Trail blazers who share in the mission of being the catalyst in the hospitality industry

Marketing Initiatives